As a part of the health and nutrition week , a collage competition was conducted for students of classes 1 to X on various topics related to health and nutrition. All the students eagerly participated in the competition, as each and every one of them wanted to flaunt their creativity, it was tough decision for the judges to select  the winners.

A food fiesta was conducted by class 5 students. They brought and displayed an array of different variety of food made from Jowar,Foxtail millet. Finger millet (ragi) Pearl millet (Bajra) Barnyard millet,Kodo millet, Little Millet, Proso Millet etc. It was a mouth watering ,delicious treat for everyone.

Ms. Illavasai ,   a psychiatric counselor, addressed students of classes  VI -X   and gave a thought provoking speech on the topic  “IMPORTANCE ON HEALTH AND NUTRITION IN THIS MODERN WORLD”  . she inspired students with her mesmerizing  and thought provoking speech.

One of the aims of this week was to enable young learners to eat healthy and nutritious food. This aim was accomplished. The activities ,that was conducted ,were a good beginning and they will  continue throughout the year.

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