MAHOSTAV 2019-20

MAHOSTAV 2019-2020

The day of 17th august 2019 witnessed a vivacious victory yet again in the grounds of Sri Akilandeswari Vidyalaya .Despite being few in number KNMS managed to score the 2nd Runner-up trophy in Mahostav. The most prestigious award for the evening the coveted title of MS.Mahotsav was rightfully earned by Shruthi Rajesh of class X who also excelled in Orator’s conclave with her proficiency and eloquence,Chirrag and Ananya of class XII took up the helm of current affairs to steer the competition clear and win the Ist place in News co-op ltd. Pooja of class XII bagged the 3rd place with her quick wit,charisma and presence of mind in Radio Hub.
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