Being consistently honest and trustworthy

By integrity we mean that everyone

  • Demonstrates fairness in their judgements and actions
  • Fulfils promises and commitments
  • Maintains honesty
  • Is respectful of others and foster the same among the students


Having regard for yourself and others and accepting the right of others to hold different or opposing views

By respect we mean that everyone

  • Values all members at all times
  • Displays good manners at all times
  • Displays tolerance of others with different points of views and beliefs.
  • Shows respect for the school buildings, facilities and surrounding environment.


Being accountable for your individual actions towards yourself, others and the environment

By responsibility we mean everyone

  • Supports the decisions of the school
  • Accepts responsibility
  • Reinforces appropriate behaviour as well as consequences for breaking rules
  • Is self-disciplined
  • Models expected behaviours
  • Implements strategies to encourage compliance with school rules


Striving for the highest personal achievement in all aspects of work and life-long learning

By efficiency we mean that everyone

  • Identified their own strengths
  • Sets high standards and personal goals for improvement
  • Pursues individual interests in a manner which broadens horizons
  • Provides work of highest quality
  • Volunteers in a variety of school situations
  • Keeps the school rules


Together, we are stronger and can contribute more. Shared goals and mutual support lead to greater success than isolated work and individual focus.

By collaboration we mean that everyone

  • Shows loyalty to friends, colleagues and the school
  • Is willing to support and show care for those who need help
  • Seek the experience and insights of his/her peers