KNMS will strive to be seen as a premier school of education through high quality content, innovative approach to learning and usage of technology. Our endeavour will be to create academically strong, well rounded, compassionate and responsible global citizens.

Our Aim

  • To provide equal opportunities for all members of the school to achieve their full potential.
  • To offer the best academic learner centred opportunities.
  • To provide opportunities that encourages excellence in physical, creative and communication skills.
  • To develop confidence and talents of each student.
  • To improve and inculcate moral values to build a well-balanced child.
  • To offer a wide range of activities in accordance with the requirements of the National Curriculum.



Notice Board

Admissions Open for 2021-2022

"The doors are open to the World of Educational Excellence". Step in to register towards Admission for the Academic year 2021-22 now.

Online Classes

Online content and live classes launched successfully. The live sessions are available on Eduadvaita student portal. For schedule details, please contact the school office.


Mature Montessori program

Creating customised Montessori environments for 25 years, helping children aged 21/2 to 9 build a self-directed learning mind that promotes self-confidence, independent thought and action, and critical thinking while fostering social-emotional and intellectual growth.

Experiential learning enabling students with future-ready skills

Delivering an academic program designed to enable children with “21st century” skills (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration) readying them for this and the future world.

Broad and balanced co-curricular programs

Engage all learners to find their creative and sporting pathways through exploring sport, the arts, cultural immersion and global learning experiences.

State of the art physical and digital infrastructure

Built for purpose facilities and physical spaces catering to every learner’s requirement strategically integrated with digital infrastructure to compliment teaching methods with a focus on benefitting students.

Mindful Environment

Effectively incorporating mindfulness into the curriculum to help students learn self-awareness, empathy, techniques to calm and focus the mind and apply mindfulness skills to everyday life enabling them to thrive in this challenging world.

Dedicated Educators

Educators use teaching strategies to ensure that the focus in education is on preparing today’s children for the future of where they will live and where they will work. The school seeks to grow great teachers who seek to grow all students to shape and change their world.

Accreditations & Associations