English Language Program

This program is customized for the child’s needs. Students begin at their current level and undergo an accelerated learning path designed to achieve their rightful class level. Our English curriculum integrates values and general awareness in its content, so that students not only build their English skills, they also become more aware and human.

At KNMS, we follow a unique innovative programme for differentiated learning that helps students become independent readers, writers and speakers of English. It also lays specific focus on the 5 components of English skills. (Phonics, listening, speaking, reading & writing).

Levelized English Language Program

At KNMS, this program ensures English is taught through a different approach than the traditional one. This approach is designed as a level-based program which is a customised mix of all the language components that are tweaked to nurture your child’s needs. The program is a research based pedagogically unique integrated program that suffices all the skills in English with a unique and novel approach to writing which is adapted by experts from the United Kingdom.

Students learn English as a skill rather than a subject, enabling them to become independent readers and writers in the language. Students are grouped according to their level and ability and their learning gaps identified and plugged. Highlighting some points of this program:

  • A joyful, interactive and structured program that’s aligned to the whole language approach and caters to specific learning outcomes of individuals
  • Teaching skills and concepts in a planned, logical progression according to children’s needs/gaps, personalised and engaging classroom activities and mapped to the National Curriculum Framework
  • An interesting library program which uses proven strategies to help children inculcate a fondness for reading books flowing into an extensive reading program that impacts children’s imagination, logical thinking, comprehension, writing and much more.
  • Children aged 3 to 8 receive additional support at home through an adaptive reading app that helps children to develop the will and skill to read in English and children aged 9 to 13 receive further support through an adaptive online English tutoring system with a question-based learning methodology providing instant feedback.

Reading Program

At KNMS, we follow a joyful, interactive and structured in-school reading instruction program, to promote reading skill among students. Age appropriate books are used which caters to specific learning outcomes.

An adaptive mobile reading platform helps children aged 5 – 10 learn to read in English by instilling a daily reading habit. It provides parents and teachers curated and levelized stories, activities, quizzes and daily positive news to enjoy with the child.

Embedded with an assessment layer, the stories, news and activities help us keep tabs on reading levels and help parents track their child’s progress plus find a variety of age-appropriate content at their fingertips.

Writing Program

This program is an innovative approach to teaching writing developed by a literacy specialist and writer. They learn the underlying structures and the process of planning using story maps.

At KNMS, we want all our children to develop into thoughtful readers and creative writers and it is through this approach that we believe we can achieve this. Through its multi-sensory and interactive teaching we enable children of all ages and abilities to learn to write a wide range of story/text types using various methods including:

  • listening to and learning texts and stories;
  • participating in drama and role-play;
  • drawing and story mapping;
  • collecting words and language strategies
  • building their working knowledge of grammar.

At KNMS, we are very enthusiastic about this approach as writing becomes a joint adventure between children and teachers.