Visual And Performing Arts

KNMS has an enduring commitment to the visual and performing arts. KNMS believes that art, music and drama are not extra-curricular at all but an entitlement of all students and profoundly related to learning.

Every KNMS student has the opportunity to expose themselves to one or more of the below

  • Art & Craft
  • Sculpture
  • Dramatics
  • Indian Classical Music
  • Western Music
  • Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Band
  • Indian Classical Dance
  • Western Dance

Theatre Program

An experiential learning platform which provides behavioural skills development and education through theatre forms like Mime, Puppetry, shadow theatre, speech and drama. The program aims at developing cognitive and life skills of the individual. In addition, the program aims to devise a proper routine for kids and wean them from technology.

Arts Program

Every child receives inspiring holistic education, nurturing emotional, artistic and social skills through Music, Dance, Yoga program on a weekly basis with a trained faculty specially chosen for their expertise in these domains and a structured syllabus. It is measurable, goal driven and there is an active interaction with parents, teachers, and the students themselves.