I have been a part of KNMS since my junior school. Always motivated by all my Mentors (Teachers) & Support staff, establishing a special feeling to the school. We are very proud of our school’s accomplishments & developments in the last few years.

Kartik Annamalal Palaniappan, Electric Powertrain Research & Development- Jaguar LandRover Class of 2004

Success doesn’t come with luck, it only comes with hard work, determination & perseverance. My school pushed me out of my comfort zone & moulded me in my studies, extracurricular & sports. You are what you are not only because of your book, but also because of the exposure & discipline you get in your childhood. I’m proud to say I’m a KNMSian.

Nafeez Kizar (a) Arav, Film Actor/Bigg Boss Season I Title Winner Class of 2006

Being the President of the School Alumni Association it is so happy to reconnect back with the school which is a second home for students as well as the alumni. Your schooling is an integral part of the society, and KNMS has always given me the needed set skills to become the better person in terms of achievement and also in being a responsible citizen.

Nirojen V, Co – Founder – TechPanda Class of 2006

My schooling in KNMS from PRE KG to 12th grade, moulded me at each & every instant during my school days. It has made me to develop leadership qualities, excellent communication skills, self – learning capabilities and lot more. Every step towards my success was always shared by my school & my teachers. I would take this opportunity to thank my school and my teachers for making me shine brighter.

Sujitha, Indian Oil Corporation LTd. Class of 2012

Being one of the few who studied from the kindergarten to grade 12, I can definitely say the school is always trying to do more for the students. The thing I admire the most about KNMS is the system where sports & co-curricular activities, along with academics are an integral part of the curriculum. This contributes to a positive overall development of a student, which I believe is the very purpose of any school.

Sujith Rengan, Samsung R&D, Bangalore Class of 2013

The Creativity and Resourcefulness I had was unlocked at KNMS. I loved the connections with teachers- friendly and supportive. KNMS gave me the fullest enthusiasm and leaning and got me into the college of my dreams. The school really prepared me.

Bharat Ram M, Entrepreneurship at New York University Class of 2015

Kamala Niketan – A place of Heartfelt Education. One thing my school made me to realize is that how responsible I must be bot to myself but to my society as a whole. What distinguishes KNMS from other schools is the opportunity you get. It fosters a kind of community one would actually want to be a part. It is one of the best things that had happened to me.

Keerthana Balaram, Artile Trainee at PriceWater Coopers Class of 2015

My 2 years in KNMS were life transforming. KNMS success in NITs, IITs and other competitive examinations is unmatchable in Trichy. I was very afraid about problem solving before coming to KNMS. But faculty helped me to erode this fear.

Karthik Raja, IIT Madras Class 2016

The way KNMS teach students, it will give confidence to anyone who aspires to achieve the biggest dreams. I got into NIT Trichy. This was possible only with the help of the Faculty and training schedules provided by the school.

Abinandan, NIT Trichy Class 2017