As education evolves, so does the role of the classroom teacher. Being a staunch supporter of Learner Centred Classrooms, adequate and consistent Professional Learning eventuates at KNMS, leading to teacher empowerment - giving them opportunities to take ownership of their growth. This ownership ultimately propels creativity and ignites teacher’s passion.

As KNMS continues to grow, its strong vision of Excellence is intensified. Our goals and targets are great but they become achievements, only because of the support from our pro active Parent Community. They underpin our commitment to high standards and we encourage our parents to engage themselves in all our school programs.

As we contemplate the transformation in the way of learning by our new generation tech savvy learners we are re imagining the time space-continuum of learning, and envision, one which is not restricted within the school hours or boundaries.

The enduring tradition of KNMS with focus on Holistic Development continues…